Call For Paper

Call for Paper

Scientific Forefront is a leading publishing domain empowering the research scholars spread across the world to publish their unpublished research journals absolutely free of cost. The research scholars can attain enormous benefits such as access to a wide pool of research findings that could benefit them in multiple ways. The information published on our domain is completely reliable and can be accessed in the most hassle free manner. The scholars can improvise upon collaboration and maximize the accessibility of information with us.

Submit your Manuscript

Scientific Forefront provides an opportunity to submit various types of articles on numerous niches such as Scientific Brief, Scientific Data, Scientific Methods, Scientific Research, Scientific Review, and Scientific Commentary & Corrigendum.

Please note all the manuscripts submitted to us are subject to analysis and peer-review in order to get shortlisted for the editorial consideration and final publishing on the domain.

Scientific Review

The articles pertaining to Scientific Review can be aligned on well-defined topics relevant to amplify the scientific focus of the journal. The Review Articles should be compiled concisely in accordance with the published scientific reports, provide an overview of the state of the art and clarify the scientific gaps along with an elaborate discussion on the scope of further developments in the area.

The articles must enhance the scientific understanding of the reader in a crystal clear manner. The articles need to be full proof in terms of the inclusion of data processing methods and should not point towards any of the references to any sort of unpublished data. The articles would also undergo a peer-review process and may be re-classified into a different head as per the analysis. In the case of re-classification of the article, it must fulfill all the relevant criteria subject to that particular category of articles.

Another significant note is the word limit of the articles which should not be more than 15,000 words and should be inclusive of various figures, tables, and other supplementary information. However, the main text should not contain more than 15 categories of items in the form of figures or tables neither should contain more than 5 boxes.

Conflict of Interest Statement

The Journals of Scientific Forefront are open to all affiliates of the scientific research community, whether they work individually or for an educational, government, business, or for other reasons. All authors should disclose any actual or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may perhaps have a direct bearing on the research journals. To allow our editors, critics, and readers to evaluate researcher’s proficient authorizations, as well as any probable prejudices, we ask our research journal authors to reveal all necessary info about their work associations and any financial benefits pertinent to the work that the researcher has submitted for publication in Scientific Forefront Journal Publication. Referees have to reveal similar info relevant to the works they are requested to assess.

Rights and Permissions

It is indeed our main objective to extend the widest possible broadcasting of our research journals. We provide a broad suite of licensing to meet the necessities of various educational institutes, medicinal and healthcare establishments, and publishers all across the world. Earlier any person will be able to legally sell, publish or issue somebody else's copyrighted research, but with our strong and upright policies, anyone should obtain the approval of the research owner. This law applies even if only using abstracts or samples from the journals.

Publication Policy

Every single research paper submitted for publication will be verified by our editor, for a preliminary evaluation. If the thesis complies with our publication policies and with a high standard then, the same will be approved for publication. The referees would not know the research author’s identity, as any recognizing info will be removed from the manuscript before an examination.


The authors are the patented owner of their research papers and, they reserve complete rights to use all or part of their thesis in the future for presentations, lectures etc. Every author should lawfully state that the material being presented by them in this journal is their original work, and doesn’t comprise or take in any material from other patented sources. Anywhere such materials from our journal has been mentioned, it has to be clearly indented or marked by quotation symbols and, the proper acknowledgments should be mentioned about the source at right places.


By submitting Research papers to the Scientific Forefront Research journal, the authors must agree to the following conditions. None of the portions of the document should be plagiarized from other sources. In case of any details have been used from relevant sources to support the thesis then the proper reference for the same has to be provided for all contents added from external sources. Strict action will be taken against the cases of copied contents.

Article Types - 6 types

There are different types of research journals and, it is very important for authors to know them clearly as every journal is different in different fields. This is the guidelines for the authors’ to publish their research journals with us.

1)            Original Research: It is a comprehensive document reporting original research and they comprise hypothesis, background study, approaches, research results, analysis of the outcomes, and a discussion of probable inferences.

2)            Review Article: It provides a critical and practical analysis of already published journal in a field, via summary, study, and assessment, often classifying precise breaks or glitches and providing suggestions for forthcoming researches.

3)    Clinical Case Study: These journals exhibit information on actual patient histories from medical or clinical practice. The case studies presented here should contribute much to the existing information on the field. The research journal is expected to deliberate the signs, indications, diagnosis, and treatment of an illness.

4)            Clinical Trial: These kinds of research journals describe the methodology, application, and outcomes of measured analysis, generally carried out with an enormous number of patients.

5)            Opinion and Commentary: These are usually dissertations that register personal views of the readers criticizing extensive notions relating to a research subject.

6)            Book reviews: The Book reviews are very common and are published in most research journals. The purpose of a book review is to get an insight and judgment on recently published research journals.


We recognize it as our responsibility to correct the errors in our already published journals. Our policy is to consider negations of the main research journals and to issue them in the brief form. TO make corrections in the published journals, the author should provide convincing evidence that a major statement of the original paper was incorrect. The Editorial Board has to be informed of all necessary Corrigenda. The authors should request the editorial board to make necessary corrections in their published article in detail via email and, same will be reviewed by our authors. Authors will receive intimation from our editorial board in case the corrigendum is necessary and from there on the authors will be guided by our editorial team.



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