Forefront Journal of Engineering & Technology

Forefront Journal of Engineering & Technology

Forefront Journal of  Engineering & Technology is an open access, double blind, peer-reviewed and refereed journal in English in the areas of Engineering and Technology, published monthly by Scientific Forefront Journals in the form of electronic version.  The scope of the journal includes Engineering & technology topics in Textile Engineering, Thermal Engg, Mineral Engg,Automobile & Aeronautical Engg,, Bio Technology, Chemical & Plastic Technology, Ceramics, Petrochemicals, Bio Medical  Engg,Computer Science & Information  Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil and Architectural engineering, Mechanical & Production Engineering,Geo Techninical Engg, Genetic Engg, Industrial Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Space Engineering, Nano technology, Leather technology, Textile & Fashion Technology. Scientific Forefront is a publishing of the journal over the domain is implemented upon successful analysis and consideration via the peer review process comprising an expert crew of editorial board and review team Manuscripts should be sent either as an email attachment to or can be uploaded using our “Online submission” form. 

Article Types - 6 types

There are different types of research journals and, it is very important for authors to know them clearly as every journal is different in different fields. This is the guidelines for the authors’ to publish their research journals with us.

1)            Original Research: It is a comprehensive document reporting original research and they comprise hypothesis, background study, approaches, research results, analysis of the outcomes, and a discussion of probable inferences.

2)            Review Article: It provides a critical and practical analysis of already published journal in a field, via summary, study, and assessment, often classifying precise breaks or glitches and providing suggestions for forthcoming researches.

3)    Clinical Case Study: These journals exhibit information on actual patient histories from medical or clinical practice. The case studies presented here should contribute much to the existing information on the field. The research journal is expected to deliberate the signs, indications, diagnosis, and treatment of an illness.

4)            Clinical Trial: These kinds of research journals describe the methodology, application, and outcomes of measured analysis, generally carried out with an enormous number of patients.

5)            Opinion and Commentary: These are usually dissertations that register personal views of the readers criticizing extensive notions relating to a research subject.

6)            Book reviews: The Book reviews are very common and are published in most research journals. The purpose of a book review is to get an insight and judgment on recently published research journals.

Abstracting and Indexing:     

Abstracted and indexed in many of the foremost worldwide databases including: Scribd, Mendeley, Google Scholar, IndexCopernicus, ResearchBible, Internet Archive, OAJI, SSRN. 

Author Guidelines

Margin & Paper Size

Margin for this type Top: 1.2”, Bottom: 0.6”, Left: 0.8”, Right: 0.6”, Paper Size is A4 (8.27”x 11.69”).

Layout Header & Footer

Layout Header is Header: 0.8”, Footer: 0.7”.

Order of the Content

Must be Following Sequences:

1. Title of paper with Author Details (email and Affiliation)

2. Abstract & Keywords

3. Introduction

4. Main Heading, if applicable/any

5. Sub Heading, if applicable/any

6. Results, if applicable /any

7. Conclusions

8. Acknowledgments, if applicable/any

9. References

Title of Paper

Paper Title: CAPITAL LETTER, BOLD, 12 Point type (Times New Roman)

Author(s):  Capitalize each word, Italic, Bold, 10 Point type (Times New Roman)

Affiliation(s):  Capitalize each word, Italic,10 Point type (Times New Roman)

Abstract & Keywords

Main Heading: Italic, CAPITAL LETTER, BOLD, 11Point type (Times New Roman)

Sub Heading: Capitalize each word ,Italic, 10,Point type (Times New Roman)

Text Paragraph

Main Heading: CAPITAL LETTER, BOLD, 11 Point type (Times New Roman)

Sub Heading: Normal, 10,Point type (Times New Roman)

First Line text paragraph should be 1.5 lines Spaced.

Figure & Table

Figure Heading: Bottom of the figure, Center, Capitalize Each word, Bold, 10 Point Type (Times New Roman)

Table Heading: Top of the Table, Center, Capitalize each word, Bold, 10 Point Type (Times New Roman)


Reference Heading: Italic, CAPITAL LETTER, BOLD, 11 Point type (Times New Roman)

Sub Heading: Numbering, Normal Italic, 10 Point type (Times New Roman)

Id Issued Date Vol-issue Paper Id Title Abstract Author Name Page No
1 2019-09-30 1-1 FFJETSEP20191 Measurement of Boron Concentration in Water Wells Samples of Al-Diwaniyan Governorates-Iraq Using SSNTDs Techniques Abstract Thaer M. Salman & Abbas A. Sweaf 1-8
2 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20201 Strong Insertion of a Contra-Continuous Function between Two Comparable Contra-Α−Continuous (Contra-C−Continuous) Functions Abstract Majid Mirmiran 1-10
3 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20202 Water Requirement for Different Crops in North Eastern Coastal Plain Zone of Odisha Abstract Mohanty Anita, Subudhi C.R & R.Subudhi 11-18
4 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20203 Experimental Investigation of Styrene Butadiene Rubber in Plain Concrete Abstract M.S Ashok Kumar 19-32
5 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20204 Review on Chemical-Biological Fields of Chalcone Compounds Abstract Nagham Mahmood Aljamali, Shaymaa Hamzah Daylee & Afaq Jaber Kadhium 33-44
6 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20205 Causes of Contamination by Compounds in Air and Environment Abstract Essam Maki Allawi 45-52
7 2020-01-31 2-1 FFJETJAN20206 A Novel Technique of Utilization of Common Mode Voltage as an Energy Source Abstract Parantap Nandi 53-60
8 2020-02-29 2-2 FFJETFEB20201 Rainfall Probability Analysis for Crop Planning in Ganjam District of Hirakud Command Area of Odisha, India Abstract C.R.Subudhi , Sukanya Suryavanshi & Nibedita Jena 1-6
9 2020-02-29 2-2 FFJETFEB20202 Pratial Replacement of River Sand to Surkhi Abstract Naveen Raj E 7-22
10 2020-03-31 2-3 FFJETMAR20201 Optimization of Bacterioc in Producing Probiotic Lactobacillus Spp. Isolated From Broiler Chicken Gut Abstract Nantu Chandra Das, Maruf Abony, Avijit Banik, Mahmuda Akhter Akhi, Nur Hossain & Zakaria Ahmed 1-8
11 2020-03-31 2-3 FFJETMAR20202 Review on Chemical-Biological Applications of Thiazole Derivatives Abstract Nagham Mahmood Aljamali, Manar Ghyath Abd‑Almutalib Almosawy, Ahmed Adnan Abdul Hussein, NourAlhuda Abdul Abbas Bahar,Rajaa Abdul Ameer Ghafil & Noorhan Ali Hamza 9-22


Dr. Ayyaswamy Kathirvel ,Ph.D

Professor and Head Principal Invistagotor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, M N M Jain Engineering College

Dr. Wael W. Al-Azhari ,Ph.D

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design/ Middle East University

Dr K. Satya Rajesh ,Ph.D

Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science, SRR & CVR Govt. College,Vijayawada
Andhra Pradesh,India

Dr.Rahul V Ralegaonkar ,Ph.D

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Associate Dean (Training & Placement)VNIT

Dr. Ho Soon Min ,Ph.D

Professor, INTI International University, Jln BBN 12/1, Bandar Baru Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan

Prof. R. V. Bidwe ,M.E

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune

Dr. Loc Nguyen ,Ph.D

Independent Scholar at Loc Nguyen's Academic Network, Ho Chi Minh

Prof. Sunar Mohammed Farooq ,M.E

Asst. Professor, Computer Science Department in Santhiram Enineering College, Nandyal, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur

Dr. K.V.S.Seshendra Kumar ,Ph.D

Assistant Professor ,Department of Industrial Engineering, GITAM Institute of Technology, Gitam University,Visakhapatnam

Dr. Zakaria Ahmed ,Ph.D

Senior Scientific Officer Microbiology Division, Technology Wing, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Manik Mia Avenue

Dr. T. Velumani ,M.Sc(CS),M.Phil,Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Department Of Computer Science, Kongu Arts & Science College(Autonomous), Erode
Namakkal, Tamilnadu

Dr. Jayanthi S ,Ph.D

Assistant Professor(Selection Grade), Department of Biotechnology,PSG College of Technology,

Dr. V. K. Narendira kumar ,M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Gobi Arts & Science College (Autonomous),
Erode District, Tamilnadu

Dr. Sudeep Solanki ,

Assistant Professor (Veterinary Microbiology), CVAS Navania,Vallabhnagar,Udaipur

Prof. Sunar Mohammed Farooq ,M.E

Asst. Professor, Computer Science Department in Santhiram Enineering College, Nandyal, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur

Prof. Raghu N ,M.E

Assistant Professor, Jain University, Bangalore,

Prof. Rahul Davis ,M. Tech

Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Vaugh Institute of Agricultural Engineering & Technology Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences (SHUATS) Prayagraj (Allahabad), India,

Prof. Priyalakshmi G ,MBA

Assistant Professor(Selection Grade), Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences

Dr. T.Velumani ,M.Sc(CS),M.Phil,Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Kongu Arts & Science College(Autonomous),Erode
Namakkal, Tamilnadu
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